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Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

I love Chocolate, like I LOVE chocolate!!! So here is an easy recipe that will nourish your chocolate cravings!!!  Just remember everything in moderation!!!


1 cup Organic Coconut Oil

2 cups Organic Cacao Powder (Natava Superfood)

1/2 cup Maple Syrup or you could use honey

1/2 cup Cacao Butter (Natava Superfood)

1t Vanilla Extract

Place coconut oil & cacao butter in a double boiler (bottom pot filled with water on the element and a smaller pot that fits inside), stir until melted then take off the heat.  Add the cacao powder, maple syrup & vanilla extract and stir until combined.

Now the fun part, you can make almost anything, here are some ideas

*   Mix coconut through it (coconut rough)

*   Put in a pour jug and pour onto paper to make little circles (top with nuts and     dried fruit)

*   Pour half mixture into a little cupcake tin, put a blob of peanut butter (or       raspberry jam) then fill with chocolate to the top

*   Pour into a lined dish and sprinkle chopped cashews

When your creation is finished put it in the fridge to set!!!