where ever life takes you we've got your GRAZING covered!!!

Our Story

Here at Good Grazing HQ we are all about:




Whatever you do in life we've got your grazing covered!!!

We currently live on the outskirts of Rotorua, our family is very busy with 4 children right into sports and always on the go.  As a family we love our huge Organic vege garden and it's amazing to see the creations and values that come from this.  Our children all unique in their own way, they all have their challenges and don't always fit inside the box, but we encourage them to be the best that they can be, to live a life full of adventures and live their dreams.  Our family values are to be honest, hardworking and loving.  Our children are awesome  and we love being able to teach them about nourishing and caring for themselves.

Good Grazing is a 100% NZ family owned company that has good old fashion values, We love sourcing nutritious, wholesome snacks that will make you feel amazing.  Also how cool is it to get it delivered straight to your door!!!

We hope that we can encourage you and your family to have optimal health and live your life full of adventures and live your dreams as your healthy snacking adventure beings!!!

Happy Grazing